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CashLabs™ Return / Refund Policy

December 1, 2018

The following return and refund policy applies for purchases made through the CashLabs™ (CL) main website at cashlabs.com. If you purchased a test from a second or third party, please adhere to their stated return policies.

  • If your order has not shipped, you are eligible for a 100% refund of your CL order.
  • If your order has shipped and you have received the order, because of the nature of the order/specimen we cannot except any returns.
  • Please do not share your kit, dispose of your kit if not being utilized.
  • Also, all kits are sold for diagnostic purposes only, any and additional uses are not prohibited by the CL team.
  • All unregistered kits expire after 3 months. Any samples that deliver to the lab after this time will not be processed.

Policies are subject to change. We are happy to speak with you at anytime concerning our return / refund policy.

Contact: info@cashlabs.com

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CashLabs, Inc. offers laboratory testing for wellness monitoring. Our tests are not intended to diagnose or treat disease, or to substitute for a physician's consultation. For regulatory reasons, our tests are not available in MD, NJ, NY, and RI.