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This test measures the level of free testosterone in the body. Testosterone is mainly produced by special endocrine tissue in the male testicles, by the adrenal glands in both males and females and, in small amounts, by the ovaries in females.

Saliva Collection

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What’s Measured

Testosterone has important role in maintaining bone strength, muscle mass and energy level. In women, testosterone contributes to sex drive or libido. Menopause causes significant decline in the testosterone levels. In men, testosterone is responsible for growth and development of sexual characteristics, facial and body hair, increased sexual drive and sperm production. Low testosterone levels can result in conditions like hair loss, reduced muscle mass, hot flashes, depression and increased breast size. High testosterone levels have been linked with aggressive behavior, acne, low sperm count, liver disease and heart muscle damage.


Free testosterone is a small but important component of the total testosterone in a body. It's responsible for key cellular functions since, unlike bound Ts, they can act as receptors for many cells in the body to perform functions like cell replication.

The Results

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